Monday, October 19, 2009

Win a 3 month subscription to "fabulous"!!

Hi all.. wanna win an awesome prize?? Bons Scraps is having a 4 week competition to win a THREE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION to their fabulous kits!!! I will be entering and want you in there too.. {this means you Renae & Bronnie} =+)

This is what my lounge looked like yesterday... as I fill my birthday scrapbox...and here at least half of it has already been put
Better get back to it..start my 6 day run of 12 hour shifts tomorrow.. =(

Friday, October 9, 2009

Let your love take wing.

Last weekend my gorgeous scrappin' friends Lil & Paulene came over and we played with the most amazing art moulds from Wednesdays Wishes !!!

The heart buttons and gorgeous wings on the project below are air dry clay {they were shaped over clever Lil's finger!} The black wax face is a partial mould from the sun god, he is coloured with metallic rub ons and sealed with hair The tiny chandelier is from Wednesdays Wishes too - a gorgeous chipboard range called Dusty Attic

Like a true scrap-addict I had to return for more!! Shut the door and log on when your husband is at work!! ...hello is that scrappers anonymous? My name is Megan, I may have a problem..

Monday, October 5, 2009

An everyday occurrence...{or.."How men see things"}

As you know, I am completing the photo a day challenge for the October cybercrop challenge at Bons Scraps.
Yesterdays theme was an everyday occurrence ... as I took this shot I was thinking "yes, I scrap pretty much each day"..

Greg wanders past and asks why the photo... I explain..and then he says...
" oh yeah..everyday we can't eat at the kitchen table" !!! ... {not exactly what I was thinking but pretty accurate this weekend at least}...